Fairhaven Process Server

Fairhaven Process Server & Constable

South Shore Constables & Process Servers serves Fairhaven, Massachusetts with a commitment to integrity and efficiency, providing dependable solutions for serving legal documents and processes to the public. If you are seeking a knowledgeable, courteous Fairhaven Process Server, than look no further! Rick Nuñez is a reputable Process Server serving Fairhaven, MA.

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SSCPS offers the following Fairhaven Process Server Solutions:

Attorney Services

  • Subpoenas, Summons & Complaints
    • Medical
    • Divorce
    • Child Support
    • Witness Summons
    • & More
  • Supplementary Process
  • Cease & Desist Orders
  • Accidents & Injury
  • Evictions

Landlord Services

  • Eviction
  • 14 & 30 Day Notice to Quit
  • 48 Hour Execution Notice
  • Notice of Petition
  • Past Due Notices
  • Summary Process Summons

Domestic Services

  • Divorce Summons
  • Child Support Orders & Custody Petitions
  • Small Claims Court Cases
  • Notice of Trespass
  • Guardianship Papers
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Capias Warrants
  • All other civil process

Fairhaven Resources

New Bedford District Court (Serves Fairhaven)

75 N. Sixth St., New Bedford, MA 02740

Clerk's Office & Probation: (508) 999-9700


New Bedford Juvenile Court (Serves Fairhaven)

75 N. Sixth St., New Bedford, MA 02740

Clerk's Office & Probation Dept: (508) 999-9700


Southeast Housing Court - New Bedford Session (Serves Fairhaven)

139 Hathaway Road, New Bedford, MA 02746 

Clerk's Office & Housing Specialist Dept: (508) 994-0156


All Courts Serving Fairhaven

Court locations that serve you.


Town of Fairhaven

Access important information about the Town of Fairhaven.


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